Mittye P. Locke Elementary

May 2 - May 6, 2016

PLC/Problem-Solving/HW & Art/ ORFF/Chorus/ WILL take place.


Monday (5/2/16):

9:30-1:30: Kindergarten Registration Day (Orange Bld.)

FSA Makeups

3:00- K-Kids Meeting

3:00- Student Council Meeting

Grade 5 Starts HGD

Tuesday (5/3/16):

District Classroom Walkthroughs for Math

FSA Makeups

Wednesday (5/4/16):

Specials- OM Run-A-Thon Fundraiser

FSA Makeups

Last HW & Art Club for the year

Grade 4 Starts HGD

Thursday (5/5/16):

Wolin at District

AM Half-Day- ESE Teachers Training on PEER (Downey's Rm.)

5:30-7:30- Night of the Arts

Friday (5/15/16):

Progress Reports go Home

School Lunch Hero Day

National School Nurses Day

Thought for the Week

“Remember that showing you care has more of an effect on student motivation than your level of content knowledge. When you yourself are enthusiastic and engaged, your students will feel more excited about learning and will almost always work harder.”

Eric Jensen, author of Teaching with Poverty in Mind