Nothing But The Truth

by Avi

Does he get kicked out of school? Read the book to find out,


Nothing But The Truth is about a boy named Philip Malloy who wants to join out for the track team. Well, that didn't end so well. Phillip is a person who fights for what he wants and what he wants, he wants it now.

About the author

Avi was born in 1937 in New York City and grew up in Brooklyn. His name Avi, is mostly asked about him, his twin sister gave it to him. The name Avi is the only name he gives out to the world.

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The setting of the story is in a middle school that one of the main charterers goes to in the story. Philip's house is the second main setting in the book. That's were they have their family time and talk about Philip's life and what happens at school.
Nothing But the Truth Book Trailer- Avi (Author)