The 4 C's

By:Emma Wolfe

What are the 4 C's?

The 4 C's are creativity ,collaboration ,critical thinking ,and communication. Also what are some of the 4 C's used for? I'm going to talk about that now.

How to use the 4 C's and websites that have to do with them.

The 4 C's are what we use in life everyday. For example when your being creative you could be drawing a picture. A website we could use for creativity is listed down below it is Google drawings. I will list 3 more websites so you know what the 4 C's are. For collaboration you can use a website such as Gmail because you can email each other and give each other ideas. For critical thinking you can use Minecraft because you build things.. And now for the last one is communication, communication is talking to each other some how. So for communication it could be Skype, Skype is a website where you Facetime each other and talk. I have put links down below on the 4 C's.

A picture of being creative.

Big image

A picture of critical thinking

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A picture of collaboration

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And one last picture for communication

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