A Very Importent Day

By:Gabrielle Copeland

Interview with Pedro and His Very Impotent Day.

Q:Pedro were did you come from be for you came a American citizens?

Pedro:I came from Oaxaca, A small town in Mexico before I came to American citizen.

Q:why was this day so importent to you?

Pedro:it was inportent because today i become amrican citisen.

Q:what did your firend give you in the box?

Pedro:he gave me amarican flags.

Q:what did you take to get there?

Pedro:i took the bus to the court house.

Q:what did your sister do when she saw the snow?


She ran down stairs to come get me and woke me up and opened the window

pedro/2 hand

perdro came from a place called mexico.He was going down town.his sister was exsited about the snow.He went to the court house.then he was at the court house.He was going there to became amarican citien .that is his journy.