Marine Biologist

By: Sierra Goodell


Scientific study of organisms in the ocean or other marine or brackish bodies of water.

The salary $33,000 to $110,000

The college I would go to would be ISU


Working with marine life, studying and learning more about fish

Requirements for College

College offering major is Bachelor of Science

  • Chemistry
  • Law and Government
  • English language
  • Mathematics
  • Administration and Management
  • Biology
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Customer and Personal service
  • Computers and Electronics
  • Production and Processing
  • Personnel and Human resources
  • Communication and Media
  • Education and Training
  • Physics
  • Public safety and Security

Why I am interested in Marine Biology

I am interested in studying marine life. I like to work with animals.

The skills that I have that are needed are: Speaking, Writing, and listening.

Hiring anywhere that is on the coast