National Saxophone Day

November 6th

National Saxophone Day is all about jazz, and celebrating the life of Adophe Sax, the creator of the saxophone. I think that we should celebrate this holiday because of the authenticity of the music. Although it has African heritage, jazz is an American creation that should be celebrated, not only by musicians, but by all Americans. Additionally, it reflects African American history and tradition. There are different types of jazz music. Smooth jazz is a very relaxing type of music, the saxophone goes from note to note without a pause. Another type of jazz music is blues. This type is to make you feel very calm and sometimes sad. A lot of the African American slaves sang this type of music, working on the cotton fields, or at night when everyone was gathered around a nice warm fire after a long and hard day' s work. Swing jazz is another famous type of jazz. This is the type of music that you just can' t help but dance to. It is very up beat and groovy. There are lots of other types of jazz, but I'll leave that for you to come and discover for yourself!

Here is a video of one of many famous saxophonists, Mindi Abair.

Mindi Abair - Imagine