Come to our event!


We Want Change!

This event will make you leave, knowing women should always be treated fairly. I created this event, hoping it inspires many and changes peoples perspectives about equality rights. This event will surly not get boring with a film, great food and a very special guest.

Women's Power

Wednesday, March 18th, 12-5am

8440 Highway # 27, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A5


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12:00 am-12:30am

People can just hangout, get drinks and get appetizers

12:30am- 1:30pm

We will serve lunch with a main course and dessert

1:30pm- 3:30pm

Watching a film that we made. This film is basically of men who took the challenge to live 4 months in the position of how women are treated everyday and some of the rights they don't have in certain countries.

3:30pm- 4:00pm

Men talking about their experience during the 4 months and how they felt.

4:00pm- 5:00pm

Malala is our special guest who will be talking about her journey and experiences hopefully getting people active in this serious problem.

What's Our Goal?

This documentary that we filmed of men living for a year the way woman live in some countries with not being paid enough, having no education, not being able to vote, not being able to drive and etc can hopefully open your eyes to see a bigger picture of change, It hopefully did not only inspire men, but also for you guys watching the film to make a difference. To make change that everyone wants to see. Our goal is for you to be aware of the problem!


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Positive Change

I will know if this event brings a positive change when people stand up for other women, treating men and women equally and all women getting a great education and not having to rely on men their whole life. This will hopefully impact many people and there perspectives about women's rights.