Olympians taking drugs.

2014 Marina Lisogor .

60 percent of athletes are cheating !

Marina Lisogor a cross-country skier failed her doping test. It is the third positive result of the Sochi winter games. Maria born on May 11th 1983 witch makes her 30 years old. She has holds the national sports of international class in Ukraine. Keep reading to find out what drugs she took and why.

Marina Lisogor said she did not knowingly take a banned substance.

Marina was positive for using trimeazidine on the prohibited substances list on January 1st 2014 . Marina has a husband a son and a daughter. She had previously used the drug Preductal also known as trimetazidine. Marina had used that drug because in 2004 she got her thyroid removed. That's when she had to start using the drug again to fight fatigue , but she did not know that it had been added to the prohibited substance list. Maria blames herself . "It is my personal fault , and i'm very sorry I let this happen, but i would like to declare that I've don't this mistake, unintentionally."

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Would I give up five years of my life to win a gold medal in the the Olympics? I wouldn't because no one should want to give up years in your life. You may say come on its only 5 years but you shouldn't even think about that.