Daily Adventures!

summer camp

Come join us for some fun

Everyday there will be a different adventure. The themes we will be using daily are

Make it Monday- Some sort of craft( painting, crafts, ect.)

Trip Tuesday- We will go somewhere ( the park, go on a picnic, ect.)

Wet Wednesday- We will get wet( sprinkler, water game, ect.)

Thinking Thursday- research something that you wonder about(where something comes from, ect)

Friend Friday- Bring over a friend and meet somebody new!


$60 a week per kid

On picnic days you can bring your own lunch or bring $5 for us to make you lunch.

On Friend Friday you can bring $5 to make something for your friend!

On normal days you can bring your lunch if you want but you can also bring $5 so we can make you lunch.

*lunch includes sandwich,juice or water, chips, and a cookie

Katy Perry - Roar (Official)