New York Trials- Reactionary Views

By Dheeksha Gokulakrishnan, September 8, 1966

The Verdict-

In the case of Johnny Cade vs. The People of New York, the verdict has now been reached and the killer, Johnny Cade has been pronounced guilty. Cade has been sentenced 5 years in prison for the death of Bob Sheldon.
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The Attorneys-

Defense Lawyer Luke Hammond- "If justice is truly fair, then the Jury would have cleared Johnny not guilty. This just proves that the court is biased and Johnny should have been let out free."

Prosecution Lawyer Kadie Kultgen- "We had a better case and I am proud that we won. Johnny Cade deserves to be put in jail for murdering an innocent young man."

Darry Curtis, Defense Witness

"I think that the case was not fair because Johnny only committed murder to protect himself. He never meant to harm anybody and it wasn't his fault that it came to that."

Randy Adderson, Prosecution Witness

"I was there when Bob was killed and I still cannot believe that Bob has left us in the worst possible way, murder. Me and the rest of the Socs were only trying to have fun, we never meant to actually kill anyone, but Johnny did. He has hated us Socs for a long time ever since we beat him up once. Plus, we only beat him up that time to have some fun, we didn't even hurt him that badly. I am glad that Johnny was pronounced guilty because he does not deserve to roam around free while Bob's family is in grief over his death.

News Reporter

"I think that Johnny was guilty and I am not happy about him getting put in jail, but I think it's for the best because we cannot have a murdered just roaming around the streets. If he's committed murder once, who's to say he wouldn't do it again?"
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