The 3 Enchiladas

Ray Santana Block 1


Their was 3 Enchiladas One named Chance,Jonah, and Joshua they were all smart but the 3 of them had a big problem. They need shelter to hide from RAY. He loved Enchiladas he loved to eat them Ray. Was a big kid not a little kid he was 5'2 and over 100 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!

and the enchiladas were only 6 Inches each.

Climax and Resolution

The first Enchilada Chance made his house out of $100 dollar bills it took a long time. But Ray came and in no problem he destroyed the paper in 2 seconds when he stomped on it and later ate Chance. Smarter Enchilada named Jonah Built his from wood it took 2 months too make the house he had a good life until Ray came. He was strong he kicked it hard Jonah went flying with the house and survived so Ray ate him. So the smart one named Joshua Built his out of Titanium he was successful when Ray came he could not do anything to it. He even stomped on it at least 12 times nothing except dents. Finally he gave up and died of heart failure.