See You at Harry's

By Lauren Flores block 1


Fern, She is the protagonist in the story because the whole story was about her life and what is going on in it. On the first page it says that on the best day of my life I throw up 4 times.

Sara, Fern's older sister. She is an antagonist in the story. On page 6 we meet Sara and it says she has dreadlocks and she is a bit sassy.

Holden, Fern's older brother. He is an antagonist like his older sister. We meet him on page 5 and he gets bullied a lot because everybody thinks he likes boys instead of girls and further in the book he gets a boyfriend and he usually isn't very happy and he is very gloomy and when he got together with Gray he is very happy and glowing.

conflict and Plot

exposition- Fern, Charlie, Holden ,and Sara in the fall in 2013ish

conflict Fern's little brother died because he hit his head on the sidewalk really bad and his brain wasn't working right.

rising action nobody is acting the way they used to.

climax Fern's dad got really mad at Holden and they didn't talk for almost a month.

falling action Fern ,Holden and Sara snuck out to the dance and after the dance one of Fern's friend (Ran) kissed her.

resolution everyone was happy and back to normal ... Almost


One of the symbols in the book was ice cream. When Fern was sad she was always around ice cream. She was also always happy. For example Gray took Fern to the restaurant that her dad works at and her friends where there and they always had ice cream together and they where always just happy.


the them of the story there is always a pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow. For example Charlie died and the whole family was so so sad and they figured out that just because something bad happens there is always a good end to it all.