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They have teams of health professionals (general nurses, community health nurses (ASP), home help services) can be accessed by General Practitioners (GP) and ED. Staffing complement is spread over a seven-day service, between the core hours of 8.00am and 10.00pm. Rationalization is currently being queuing system made on FIP in core community services such as the Primary Care Team (PCT) and will be focused on the areas with the greatest delayed on discharges and admissions avoidance challenges. Four CITs based in Dublin best queue management North, Dublin South, Limerick and Cork. Indicates a breakdown in the referral source for patients seen between January and May 2009, the work they have done in the case of people released early from and admission avoidance: Adoption of 836 patients (36%) after referral from EDs or avoiding hospital. There attending Our outpatient has increased last number of years.

Were recorded serve in ROS in 2009 which is an increase of 2% or an additional 73,486 patients by 2008. In total, there were 40 837 new attendees of our over 2008 or a best queue management 4.8% increase. Has improved attendance numbers of new evidence of considerable effort and achievement for managers and clinicians in our hospital access for patients to improve. It is important queuing system that all OPD appointments in order to make the best use of resources. During 2009, did not attend (NF) 14,9% of new patient appointments while the rate was if NF patients laid slightly less than 14.6%. The Framework document outlines steps to be taken where patients do not attend two consecutive appointment. Go early summer 2009, the World Health Organization declared a pandemic as was the new fl worth spreading and causing disease in many parts of the world.

Special measures have been implemented by some hospitals to improve attendance rates, such as text reminders sent. Issued a work plan for effective management of ROS, the National Framework Document, for hospitals in 2009. A standardized process requires referral hospitals to implement as well as clinic and appointment scheduling streamlined queuing system access. For Consultant Clinics Outpatient founded improve Outpatient national group in 2009. Hospitals were asked to generate activities to improve access to three designated specialties and the group issued a monthly report showing progress in each location. Clinicians and managers in activities collaborated to define and implement local circumstances.

There was significant progress in the three relevant specialties between January and December 2009 compared to the same period of the previous year. The greatest occurrence of increase in dermatology an improvement of 12% or queuing system 2,738 patients served were made in the same specialty. In orthopedics, there was an increase of 2%, which 1,948 new attendances. Increased 917 new attendances in (ENT) is an increase of 3%. The total number of 5603 was a new meet in the other three designated specialties are set. Beret we promote redirect patients away from EDs, especially those with health problems such as chest pain, suspected strokes, fl f and minor injuries, the development of Medical Assessment Units.2009 was the year which saw Pandemic (H1N1) 2009, a new form fl f, spread throughout the domain.
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