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May 1, 2016

For the Week of May 2 - May 6

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Let's celebrate our teachers and let them know how much they matter!

It's also National Charter Schools Week!

Upcoming Dates

May 14 - Athletics Banquet

May 18 - Getty PD

May 19-20 - Elementary Directors Writers Workshop Training

May 23 - ELA Elementary and Secondary Task Force Workshop

May 24 - Math Task Force Workshop

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Instructional Focus - CAASPP! (STILL A FOCUS!)

As testing continues this week with more schools starting, please read the messages from the Operations and IT in the News Section below.


News, Helpful Hints, and Reminders

From the Academic Team -

  • Directors - please remember to complete your scorecards! Data is being compiled this week.
  • The Directors meeting on Thursday, May 5 will be in the 5140 W. Goldleaf building.
  • CAASPP is hosting a post-CAASPP workshop that addresses the following information: 1.) Principles of scoring (including high-level information on the scoring of the Smarter Balanced Online Summative Assessments), 2.) Using the Online Reporting System (ORS); 3.) Understanding how to access, use, and interpret the 2015–16 student reports and results to improve classroom instruction; 4.) Providing supplementary resources and reference materials to assist LEA CAASPP coordinators with their local training efforts to improve teaching and learning. Register here:

From the Ops Team
  • 1) 2016-17 Enrollment is 100% Illuminate driven as of 4/25/16. This means all "new" enrollment packets are 100% in Illuminate, as well as students being identified with Inner ICEF Transfers. As stated last week, CRC's should have collected any pending Intent to Return and should have been captured in Illuminate. CRC's- if you didn't complete this last week, this is be a top priority for this week. Budget meeting have begun and that's what it will be based on.
    2) Testing Coordinators: PLEASE REVIEW TOMS, CALPADS AND ILLUMINATE rosters consistently. It's the Testing Coordinators responsibility to review these rosters to ensure everyone is where they need to be. SIC's are responsible for providing the ODS Reports from CALPADS and making changes in CALPADS. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE DAY BEFORE OR A WEEK BEFORE TO REVIEW. In addition, only the registered Testing Coordinator can call CalTAC to resolve any discrepancies Lauren has sent you with.
    3) April 2016 Suspension Report due to by Monday, May 2, 2016 by3pm.
    4) Title 1 Audit: Please send requested documents to Behzad, Enrique and Ryan ASAP.
    5) April 2016 School Nutrition Program Meal Count Report is due by Thursday, May 5, 2016 by5pm to

    6) If you have any After School grows and glows, please) address it with Enrique and Ryan.

    7) Blackboard: When doing Blackboard blasts (voice, email and text), please remember to phrase your request as a donation. Many of you are requesting items and cash; as a public school, we can not require families to do that... only if it's their wish as a DONATION. "Donations of xx are continuously welcomed to support xxxxxx...". In addition, please identify yourself, your school and your role, as stated in the Blackboard expectations. Excellent example: "Good afternoon ICEF Lou Dantzler Elementary Family. this is Ms. Stewart your community relations Coordinator with an important message..." In text, "ILDES FAMILY: Remember today is a minimum day. Scholars are released at 12:30pm."

From the IT Team -

As testing will be in full swing this coming week, please be sure to have all devices fully charged the night before. Please also know what devices you will be using as there is no time to guess which one will work or not work on the day of testing. The IT Team will follow the regular schedule and make sure you start the testing with no issues but they will not stay in on place waiting for the entire test to complete if there were no issues at the start of testing. As there are only 4 members of the IT Team, we will do our best to assist all schools and respond to your requests depending on the urgency of the issues you report to us. You should have a contingency plan if devices fail or are not charged. Please keep in mind some schools scheduled testing during same days as other schools, so we ask that you consider this as you report any technical issues. A consolidated schedule showing all schools and their testing will be available periodically until we complete SBAC. Your patience is appreciated.

Celebrations and Worth Noticing -

A very special thanks to all our ICEF Teachers who make our mission a reality. A world without teachers would be a tragic one.


World Without Teachers
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ICEF Public Schools, A Culture of Excellence

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