Hunger Games

~Taylor Lee~

My summary:

Katniss is living in district 12 very far in the future. To prevent war the Capitol created a system in which once a year two people, a girl and a boy, at the age or 12 or over, will be pulled from each district and put in one arena to fight to the death with the other 11 districts people. Katniss has to fight for her food, she hunts with her arrows and trades for other things her mother and her little sister Prim need. At the reaping, the event when the district selects theyre fighters for the year, Prim gets selected. Katniss volunteers and is shocked to find Peeta Melark is also chosen for the games, the do not have much of a history but he had save her family from starvation and she had never thanked him. They make a big splash when trying to gain sponcers by wearing outfits, on fire! While doing interviews before the games Peeta admits he is in love with Katniss. She doesnt feel the same until they save each other in the games and both come out victorious and in love.
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My Thoughts On Katniss

I felt like i really related to Katniss because she didn't want to hurt anyone but she would if it came to getting back and helping her family survive. Like me she isn't really focused on finding love but just surviving and getting back to her family.

Thoughts on Mrs. Everdeen (Katniss's Mother)

My thoughts Mrs.Everdeen were not so great, when times got tough and she lost her husband in the cole mine she gave up. She mentally left her family to survive on their own and even provide for her. Katniss was the only one keeping her and Prim from starving to death.
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My Favorite Quote

My favorite quote from the Hunger Games was when Peeta told Katniss near the end, “Remember, we are madly in love, so it is alright to kiss me anytime you feel like it.”
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Simalar Books?

I haven't read the book Divergent but the movie has alot of the same feelings attached in with it. They both have a lot of action and also find an unexpected romance that neither of the characters saw coming.