Creative Writing Portfolio

By Angelina Fleck

Home Page

This is a page of collective works of mine, processes, and original sketches my stories are based on. I've wanted to be a writer since I was little, but at the same time I've always wanted to be an artist. Like one of my favorite authors, Cornelia Funke, I've decided to both write and illustrate my works. I live with my parents, little sister (Pictured to the left with me), two dogs and two cats. My favorite genres are fantasy and myths, because both of those hold high morals and lessons to learn from and apply to our daily lives.

Process Writing

Genre Project: Beast Of The Wood

This project I am by far the most proud of. Because it was something I could choose freely without boundaries or limitations, I was able to drown the work with as much creativity that I could imagine. My inspiration for Beast Of The Wood was a combination of "Beauty And The Beast" and the TV show "Teen Wolf". A close friend of mine was another big inspiration for the partnering protagonist Remus Owens; the fiery temper and intense coldness my friend showcases on the outside was the basis for Remus's personality. But the heart of the character took after my friend's, with the same gentle and caring nature he's too proud to show.

My process for writing this piece was short but extensive, if that even makes sense. The biggest part of brainstorming: sketching Remus Owens in his beast appearance. This was a lot of work and took several days, but the end result was exactly how I pictured the character. The sketched helped with further story brainstorming, where the setting should be, and how the other characters reacted to him.


Overall, I feel my writing process is a little bit different than most other people; especially on this story. I believe that in the future, I'll try out different methods of brainstorming, revision, and finalizing to make my stories as good as they can be.

Published Writing

For my published writing piece I chose The Sun and Moon. I wrote this piece as a part of the school's literary magazine, so it had to fit alongside certain theme guidelines; such as darker and more melancholy. The Sun and Moon is about the wolf, who becomes a messenger for the Sun. After Earth separated Sun and Moon, Sun asked the wolf to sing sweet songs to the moon when she hit her full wane. The story followed the theme of the magazine perfectly, and it fit right in with the other stories.

At the start of this story, I had a basis in mind for what I wanted it to be about. I incorporated a few aspects of various myths I had heard about the Earth, Sun and Moon; such as how the Earth was a dividing barrier between the Sun and the Moon. I also contributed to the fact about wolves, how they howl at the moon.

Link to The Sun and Moon:

Writer's Choice

One of my favorite things to study or write about is the Vietnam War. In this piece, Braveheart, I tried to consider what it would be like to be a soldier returning from the war. Many of the men who fought in Vietnam were drafted, meaning they had no choice but to go to war. When they returned, everyone in the United States practically hated them for fighting. These soldiers hold a high respect in my heart, and I did my best to pay tribute to them through this piece.

Link to Braveheart:

Experimental Writing

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