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Feb Newsletter

EXCITING NEWS!!!! I have a new program starting soon! If you would like to build your business to become a leader let me know and I will give you the details. Mary Christensen is working with me to create a leadership program!!! P.s. I'm so excited about this opportunity!!!

What's NEW!!

Who's on TOP??

I'm starting a new program for our group! Every month I will send out 30 postcards to the TOP 30 people in sales for that month. It will show your rank out of the group, but only the TOP 30 people will get one. Who will come in first? Who will come in last out of 30? When you get your postcard in the mail! Get excited, pat yourself on the back, brag on the facebook page! CELEBRATE!!! Use it as motivation to beat your own ranks! This is going to be FUN!

Welcome To The 500 CLUB!!!

Pam Burnikel

Jennifer Pattison

Jessie Bushman

Megan Schroeder


Holly Roberts

Tiffany Reaves

Ami Lentz

Morgan Thias

Lori Dalton

Melanie Engen

Stephanie Arlt

Alexie Grotegut

Tracey Aug

Michelle Craft

Amber Keller

Nichole Steffens

Erin Mason

Holly Kulish

Jasmine Sweeney

Michelle Olson

Ashley Bushman

Jenna Hertrampf

Ashley Oppriecht

Michelle Schnick

Roberta Gramentz-Brockway

Catherin Dinsdale

Rhonda Negan

Carol Link

Whitney Link

Sarah Holbach

Jodi Pugh

Kimberlie Tracy

Janel Clark

Ashlee Johanningmeier

Wendy Dundee

Heidi Reeder

Cassandra Rema

Jennifer Howard

Stephanie DiPalma