Martin's Memos

Volume 2, Issue 30: April 18, 2019

This Week


Please read the information in our newsletter below and let me know if you have any questions.

-Ms. Kate Martin

mSTEP & MAP Testing


We are entering that time of year when we begin thinking about the mSTEP assessments. Here is a Parent's Guide to mSTEP testing you may find useful.

5th Graders

Science: 4/22

4th Graders

ELA: 5/6

Math: 5/8


Our Spring NWEA MAP Tests are approaching. The 4th and 5th graders will test with their homeroom teacher.





Positivity Project - P2


For individuals, humor has important health benefits, both mental and physical. Humor stretches the mind to look at things from different perspectives, keeping people mentally agile and alert. Making people laugh also produces positive emotions and happiness for the initiator. And, when people are on the receiving end of humor, they also receive many benefits. Scientists have shown that laughter reduces stress, promotes connection with other people, and can even improve focus. Laughter is contagious and bonds us to other people.

Humor plays an important role in helping groups of people rise above difficult circumstances and boost morale. It removes us from our present difficulties by easing tension and making life more fun. This is why athletic teams often need a jokester to help them get through tough losses and early morning fitness sessions. On a larger societal level, humor often helps downtrodden groups find cohesion and strength. This is why Simon Wiesenthal said, “Humor is the weapon of unarmed people: it helps people who are oppressed smile at the situation that pains them.”

Avondale GATE PTO Information!

Current Avondale GATE families,

Please click the link below to learn about the GATE PTO candidates that are running for a position. Remember that only contested positions will be voted on.

May 14th: Ballot elections will be held (if there are more than 1 person running for the position) during the Woodland PTO Meeting @7pm. All of the Woodland community will be able to vote for our positions. COME VOTE IN PERSON!

After this meeting and elections are completed: The Avondale GATE PTO will be officially formed and stay under Woodland's guidance until the summer.

Pictures of the Week - Book Clubs are BACK!

This Week...

Math: Students continued in their math groups for part of the week and some reviewed for mSTEP for the other part.

Social Studies/Science (5th): We took the S.Studies mSTEP and reviewed for the science mSTEP the rest of the week.

Reading: The 5th graders took the ELA mSTEP. We re-started our "new and improved" book clubs (the students already have their new novels and job sheets!). PLEASE MAKE SURE that you are touching base with your child at home regarding their reading and book club job.

Writing: We continued a unit on expository/informational writing. Here is what the students will be doing: Directions Sheet. The students are all writing their drafts, and we are revising and editing as we write. Students are starting to publish and add text features!

Enrichment: We are currently using this time to either catch up on late work or to extend ourselves with other extension activities.

Looking Forward to Next Week...

Math: Students will continue their in their math groups.

Science (5th): Science mSTEP on Monday.

Social Studies (5th): We'll be embarking on a new, fun adventure into learning about the American Revolution! We'll start by learning about the content, then will be starting to prep for a Mock Trial!

Reading: We will continue book clubs (the students already have their new novels and job sheets!) and our reading workshop times. We are also starting a new reading unit with the William and Mary GT Curriculum titled "Patterns of Change".

Writing: Students will work to publish their informational/expository essays.

Enrichment: Enrichment 5.0 is coming!!!! No Google Slides allowed :)

Upcoming Important Dates

Normal School Hours: 8:32 - 3:39 (GT dismissal 3:34)

Half Day Hours: 8:32 - 11:45 (GT dismissal around 11:40)

Early Release: 8:32-1:39 (GT dismissal around 1:34)

Late Start: 10:32-3:39

  • April 19: NO SCHOOL - Good Friday
  • April 26: Woodland Talent Show @ 6:30pm
  • April 30: Davis-Comfort & Emanuele Music Concert @ 7pm
  • May 8: Volunteer/Staff Luncheon @ 10:45am
  • May 9: Woodland Art Show/Ice Cream Social @ 6-7:30pm
  • May 10: HALF DAY-Teacher PD; Mother/Son Game Night @ 6-8pm
  • May 14: PTO Meeting @ 7pm
  • May 21: 5th Grade Music Concert @ 7pm
  • May 27: NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day
  • June 6: Kindergarten Music Concert @ 2:45pm
  • June 7: Field Day
  • June 13: HALF DAY - PM Records
  • June 14: HALF DAY - Last Day of School
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Ms. Martin's Student Handbook 2018-2019

A paper copy came home with your child within the first week of school.

Volunteering Spreadsheet

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Meadows Transition/Avondale GATE F.A.Q.

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