My Break

Devin Saffle


My hobbies include hiking, gaming, and spending time with friends.

Family Info

I'm the oldest of 3, and i have a younger brother and sister. My brother just started first grade and my sister recently turned 3.

What would I like to do when I grow up?

What i'd like to do when I grow up is be a chef or a welder.

What did I do over winter break?

I went to my dads house in Omaha, and hung out with him and played xbox with Charles.

How did I spend Christmas eve?

I played xbox with Larry, and watched movies.

How did I spend Christmas day?

I went over to my Aunts house and had Christmas over there until noon.

What was my favorite Christmas gift?

Getting my eyebrow pierced.

What vacations did I go on?

I went to Omaha to spend time with my family.

What activities did I do over break?

I played xbox and watched movies.

Which clubs would I like to be in?