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Trends in Technology - May 2019

End of the Year Processes

Packing up your items for the summer.....

End of the Year Process for Technology Items

REMEMBER: Teachers are able to keep their laptops for the summer to utilize for training and instructional purposes. If however, you do not want to keep it for the summer, or you are leaving the district, please follow these instructions.

  1. Please return your 1) laptop and 2) laptop power supply to the designated staff member on your campus, usually an Assistant Principal.
  2. Complete the provided information sticker and place it on the back of the laptop or iPad. (See Campus Administration - Sent via Interoffice Mail on 5/10)
  3. The docking station, docking station power supply, speakers, keyboard, etc. must remain in your classroom. Please do not lock them into the cabinet or move them to another room.
  4. IMPORTANT! Make sure you have backed up any necessary data/files to OneDrive or a portable storage drive. These devices will be re-imaged.

Note: Your device will be re-imaged and updated. You will be issued another laptop through the Work Order process at the beginning of the next school year. Additionally, this may not be the same device, please back up your data.

If you experience issues with your laptop, please put in a work order through Eduphoria! or contact the help desk for assistance. 817-297-5873

Technology Inventory

Please take time to complete the Technology Inventory Form through Eduphoria!

Technology Inventory or follow these simple instructions.

  1. Visit Crowley ISD’s homepage at
  2. Click on Departments
  3. Click on Technology Services
  4. Click on the side menu “Technology Inventory”

Please make sure to complete as accurately as possible. We will be using your submission to compare with our existing inventory to ensure accuracy.

PEIMS: Cumulative Records Exchange

To ensure a smooth transition for our students and their records from building to building, we will be following the attached procedure. We will be exchanging in a central location this year.

Location: Technology Services, Administration Building

Date: Tuesday June 11th, 2019

Time: 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Lunch and refreshments will be provided

The attached procedure has direction for determining what students will need to be exchanged from your campus, as well as how to box up the records. Boxes will be provided from the Technology Services Department.

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This will be a very active summer for textbooks and the restructure and rezoning process, as well as the addition of Proclamation 2019.


We will need all teachers to assist us with gathering all resources and having them ready for the Campus Administration to inventory, store, and move. Please make sure that all textbooks are available and ready for the Campus Administration to collect from your room prior to leaving for the summer. If you are an elementary teacher with Texas Treasures resources, please box those up and let your Assistant Principal know they are ready to go to the warehouse.

Cyber Security News

Spoofing • (verb)

spoof·​ing | /spo͞ofing/

Spoofing = hiding the true identity of a sender making you think that it is somebody you know.


Fraudsters know that you are more likely to trust or follow instructions from someone you know. For example, you are more likely to open an attachment from your Superintendent, Principal, friend, colleague or family member because you trust them. Fraudsters research their target company’s internal relationships, activities and purchasing processes, making the emails even more convincing. This is why all emails that originate from outside of the organization are tagged with [EXTERNAL] in the subject line. That is the first sign of something not being legitimate.

They may even ask you to purchase gift cards for them. Please know that we as a district have made a policy decision to not conduct financial and personnel business via electronic means.

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Cyber Security Awareness Newsletter - May