World war effect of Absolute power

by Hayden Williams , Marigold Stone and Amanda Underwood

Essential question

How does absolute power corrupt societies beliefs and morals throughout history?
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Corrupt power

How World War 2 began: World War 2 began when the Soviet Union and Adolf Hitler made a pact that stated that the Soviet Union would not fight Germany if they took over Poland. Germany took over Poland in September 1939. Great Britain and France warned Hitler that if he did not give up Poland, they would declare war on Germany. Great Britain and France both declared war on Germany on September 3, 1939, thus the world war began. After that Germany invaded weak countries thus they also had weak militias (hungary,slovakia,and serbia . After each invasion of country they would gain land and have more money to fuel future invasions . Then establishing a puppet government to obviously allow Germany to have firm grip on each country. When germany 6th army invaded russia they only got so far before they were forced to surrender in stalingrad russia. The d-day attack that allies participated in normandy causing the germans to counterattack it which was invasion of normandy france which was painfully long.Then after that germany ran with its tail between its legs and lead for nazi leaders to commit suicide.

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Important Battles of World War 2

October 1935: Italy battles for control over North Africa by invading Ethiopia. Benito Mussolini
wants to restore Italy to former empire.
September 1939: Hitler invades Poland.
Battle of the Atlantic: longest continuous military campaign of World War 2
October 1940: Battle of Britain: objective was to gain control over Britain’s Royal Air Force.
June 1941: operation Barbarossa: code name for Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union during World War 2. Over 4.5 million German troops invaded Russia along a 1,800 mi border, the largest in history of warfare.
December 1941: Pearl Harbor: Japan’s purpose was to make sure the U.S. would not interfere with the Japenese’s actions in the Pacific.
August 1942: Battle of Stalingrad: turning point
December 1944: Battle of the buldge: German offensive attack on American troops, filled with false hope.
April 1945: Battle of Berlin: final battle for Hitler’s Germany. They were defeated and Berlin was taken over by Russian troops.
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World War 2 ended after the Battle of Berlin, when the allies took over Germany. The United States, Britain, France,and Canada were too much for the axis. One of the end products of World War 2 was the United Nations. The United States, Britain, Germany, the Soviet Union, Italy, and Japan were the main countries involved in World War 2. Many other counries were involved, but these countries had the most influence than others.

The estimated amount of the total people dead from World War 2 is 48,231,700. 8,268,000 from the axis and 39,963,700 from the allies.


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