Battle of the Atlantic

"longest, largest, and most complex naval battle in history"

Nations Involved

Germany and other allied nations were involved with the battle of the Atlanic. Germany would not let supplies go across the sea. While other allies were fighting to keep the supplies lines open.

The Battle of The Atlantic

Friday, Sep. 1st 1939 at 9pm to Tuesday, May 8th 1945 at 11pm

Across the Atlantic Ocean

Generals Involved and Goals of the Battle

One of the generals for Germany was Adolf Hitler,Hitler was 3 years old when him and his family moved from Austria to Germany. After his dad died his mother agreed to let him drop out of school. When he got older he applied for a fine arts school and was rejected,he then enrolled in the Army. The second general for Germany was Karl Donitz who went in to command on 4/30/45 after Hitlers death. Martin Dunbar was one of the generals of Britian, he was awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest award. Ernest King 2nd senior officer,he served in the Secretary of the Navy. The goal of the battle was to not have the U.S. ship goods to Britian.

Military Strategies and The Outcome of the Battle

A lot of the military stratigies were to attack by submairne and boats. The outcome of the battle was an allied victory. Germany lost, this resulted in D-day land attack.

Long Lasting impact of the battle

If the Germans succeeded in producing their new types of submarines, the Types XXI and XXIII,which were being tested in the Baltic even as German defeat looked certain, they would have proved an even greater threat, possibly reversing the outcome of World War Two.