By Brody Lambert

Body parts

Chickens legs have scales on their feet.Chickens have feathers to keep warm.chicks have soft feathers called down. The Yolk provides food for the baby chick.Roosters have to fertilize the eggs.

Egg facts

4 chickens can take turns sharing 1 nest!When the chick is in The egg it is called an embryo. Coyotes,snakes,other birds and of course humans all love to eat eggs.Foxes to.

Chicken facts

Chickens are birds.Chickens can't fly because their wings are to weak to support their body.

Their are about 113 species of chickens in the world!


Chickens are mostly found in barns.Some even like to eat grapes and watermelon!Chickens provide for us.

Life cycle

First the mama hen lays her eggs in a nest made out of straw and sticks.In 21 days the eggs will hatch.On day 21 a new born chick emerges out of it's egg.Then when the chick is an adult the life cycle starts all over again.
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