By: Ellen Hopkins


Ellen Hopkins was born on March 26, 1955 in Long Beach, CA. Ellen began her writing career in 1990. She began with nonfiction books for children, such as Air Devils and Orcas: High Seas Supermen.Ellen has written several verse novels exposing teenage struggles such as drug addiction, mental illness,and prostitution.

Summary/ main characters

Crank is about a girl named Kristina who goes and visits her father and meets this guy named Adam and he gets her into crank (Meth) she then begins to become Bree, a whole different person made up in her mind. She then goes back home to her mom and goes through lying to her parents to sneak out and fall in love with someone (Chase) who is into the drug. The other books go further and further into kristinas life, she has many struggles in her life but this book is a true story about Ellen Hopkins daughter and having to go through this.

Kristina Georgia Snow The quite, secluded protagonist

Bree is the alter ego of Kristina. She is fearless and is more confident around boys than Kristina is even though they are the same person.

Marie Snow is Kristina’s mother

Wayne Allen Snow is Kristina’s father and has green

Adam is Kristina’s first boyfriend

Brendan is one of Kristina’s boyfriends

Chase is the boyfriend Kristina falls in love with


The conflict in Crank is Kristina being/getting addicted to meth and the struggles she goes through throughout her life.

Passages from the book

there is only one person inside.
I’ve grown to like her better
than the stuck up husk of me.
(pg 7) -The monster(crank) inside her.

Flopped onto my back. Found
the keyhole behind my eyes
squeezed through into sleep
Not slumber, but sleep just this
side of waking, where dreams
fuse with reality.

(pg 60) -The drug completely overtaking her.

My face flushed
tears poked in my eyes
scar tissue twisted my heart,
wrapped itself around arteries,
closed tight around my jugular,
I coughed pain.
(pg. 228) -The drug is destroying her

Plot Teaser

This is a dark story but one that is so important.

Here is a verse passage.

Did it show?

I mean I'd
the monster
the monster
the monster
but I hadn't
the monster
in over a month.
Hadn't even seen it.
Thought I might be over it.
Was it still alive in me?
Could it still have such
a solid hold on me?

-This passage is explaining how Kristina is handling her addiction with meth and what it's doing to her.

A boy named Brendan asks her out on a date to go to a party. She raids her savings and asks him to buy her some meth before he picks her up. Instead of partying with a crowd, Brendan drives her to a secluded grove of evergreens. After they enjoy a hit of meth and a six-pack of beer, He becomes oppressive in a sexual manner, She says no but he holds her down, she starts yelling and screaming, but that didn't stop him...


  • The readers that would most enjoy this would be from the age of 16-to probably any age older than that. People who like intense drug/sexually related stories would enjoy Crank. The audience might be limited because of the dramatic content in this story.

My opinion

Crank is a journey to hell and back, and as you turn each page wondering how desperate things can get, you really start to understand the reasons for the abuse and why it almost becomes a comfort to Kristina. I enjoyed this book very much, it kept you on your toes and made you visualize everything that was happening.


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