Current Event Thursday!

New human species found in South African cave!

Read all about the recent discovery in South Africa!

Scientists have discovered a new species of human ancestor deep in a South African cave, adding a baffling new branch to the family tree.

What a discovery!

This is the story of one of the greatest fossil discoveries of the past half century, and of what it might mean for our understanding of human evolution.

This discovery may provide a better link between the Australopithecus species and Homo our species!

Human foot!

The human hand and human foot proves the species walked upright!
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The Rising Star Cave!

Sunlight falls through the entrance of Rising Star cave, near Johannesburg. A remote chamber has yielded hundreds of fossil bones—so far. Says anthropologist Marina Elliott, seated, “We have literally just scratched the surface."
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Where were these fossils found?

Look at the extensive network of caves that the fossils were found in!!!!