Career Project by Luis Olivares

Forest Firefighter

Smokey Bear Commercial 2011


To me, personality means being a dependable person . I like working on a team. I'm also competitive and and enjoy working outside. I like taking risk ,so that's why for my career I chose a forest fire fighter or a normal fire fighter.For education you will need to be good at math and science and course designing. I want to do this job because I want to help save the wildlife and the trees. I think Forest firefighters have a good salary $45,970 on average.

One of the reasons why I want to be a forest firefighter is because I like putting out fires.When I was a kid my brother used to make fires and I always grabbed the water hose and put out the fire.I remember one time my brother made a fire and I started stomping on the fire and my brother kicked the fire and the fire caught my pants and my pants were on fire so I took my pants off and grabbed the hose and put out the fire and sprayed my brother.

Another reason why I want to be a forest fire fighter is because I like working on a team to get the job finished.For example on the football team you work together to win the game. I also like working with tools like for example using the axe to cut down trees.

I think I would fit in to be a forest firefighter Because I like working outside and I'm a physical worker. I like moving around and carrying weights.

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Wildland Fire Recruiting Video


For the career I choose is a forest firefighter. The first thing to do in forest firefighting is to pass the strength and endurance test. some training for the the test is running while carrying weights and also hiking while carrying weights.There specific education needed for this career. For example fire science and EMT(Emergency Medical Technician.You also at least need to be 18 years old and have a high school diploma or a equivalent degree.
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Wildland Fire Training


For education to be a forest firefighter you need to know what fire science. Fire science is the study of all aspects of fire,from fire behavior to fire investigation. To study fire science to become a forest firefighter you can attend at Collin County Community College in Plano,Texas.To be a forest firefighter you will need to be mentally and physically skilled. You will also need to pass the strenuous physical test.You can also attend in EMT(Emergency Medical Technician)training at El Centro College in Dallas,Texas.
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For the annual salary needed would be about $69,876.And a forest firefighter only make $45,970 per year. For housing it would be a one bedroom apartment and it will cost $770.For transportation I would have a basic auto it will be $733.For utilities I will have internet ,Electricity ,Cable, water and gas and have a mobile phone it would be about $452. For food it would be mostly eating at home and dinning out it would cost about $450 per month. For clothing it would be about $175 per month. And entertainment it would be about $175 per month. For student loan it will be about $ 86. For savings it will be $416 per year. I think it would effect the job because being a forest firefighter they only make $45,970 per year and my annual salary needed is $69,876