By: Mason Fagenbaum

What is airsoft?

Airsoft is a sport like paintball except hurts less. You use a "weapon" to get other players out. The BB's or bullets are plastic and do not explode unless you get a special brand.

Were did airsoft originate?

Airsoft started in Japan. It later spread to Hong Kong , China then Briton and so on forth.
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Airsoft Gametypes

There are many different types of airsoft, some of the more popular game types are capture the flag, team deathmatch, Free for all, stand off / demolition.

Objectives of the game type

In team deathmatch the main idea is to hit/shoot/kill/, well pretty much shoot at him and if the BB hits him he's out and you keep on playing until one team is all out.

In capture the flag you have to go to the enemy position get their flag and come back to your base.

In free for all its every man/women for them self.

In Stand off/ Demolition you have to hold your base while the other team tries to steal it.