November 2021 Newsletter

Duncanville ISD's CTE/CCMR Department Newsletter

From the Desk of Shalontae Payne, Director of CTE/CCMR

For the 2021-2022 school year, the CTE/CCR department will continue to strategically align department initiatives, activities, and district-wide campaigns to meet and exceed the following goals outlined in the district’s five-year strategic plan:

Student Academic Success

Increase the percentage of graduates who meet at least one college, career, or military readiness indicator within the A-F accountability framework from 60% to 80% by August 2024.

Students, Families, and Community Connections

Increase student participation, experiences and service opportunities to ensure 90% of students are connected with areas of interest.

For additional information, please see link below inclusive of the plan.

In this newsletter ...

Texas Instruments hosts a monthly online speaker series called TI Talks and Duncanville's CTE/CCMR Director, Shalontae Payne, was the speaker for October. She discussed how to extend academic preparation and industry-based learning opportunities for students in K–12, including:
  • Utilizing partnerships to expand opportunities
  • Connecting learning for future career readiness
  • Alignment of skills

You can view a recording of the talk here.
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On November 17, the CTE/CCMR department coordinated the inaugural College & Career Roadmap: Experience the Journey event. The purpose of the event was to expose all students to diverse post-secondary opportunities related to their interests. We hope that by learning about the real-life career journeys of Duncanville ISD employees and community members, students gained an understanding that career journeys are not always linear and do not always involve a traditional college education.

Thank you to all of the amazing staff members, like Mrs. Woods, that shared their career journeys with students!

It's never too late to share your career journey with students. Teachers can fill in the blanks of this door poster template and discuss their journeys with students. View this guide for career exploration activities for every grade level.

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The CCMR Coordinator, Tiffany Wilkerson, led this semester's CCMR Advisory Board meeting. Board members include parents, community members, higher education partners and staff members.

You can view November's presentation here. Thank you to CSRS for sponsoring lunch and swag items!

More CCMR Events

🍁 The Fall Festival took place on November 13 for middle and high school families. The event was set up conference style, with workshops that focused on answering questions about high school, college and careers.

🏫 DHS seniors had the opportunity to visit two college campuses in November.

βœ… Tiffany Wilkerson shared CCMR updates at the monthly PTSA meeting.

πŸ’΅ The Go Center held a FAFSA/TASFA workshop to help students apply for financial aid for college.

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Kelly Valencia, Class of 2020

Kelly's main goal in high school was to graduate with the hours and education needed to pass the Cosmetology exam and become licensed in the state of Texas. The pandemic delayed that plan a bit but she reached her goal just a few months after graduation.

πŸ’‡β€β™€οΈ Today, Kelly works as a hairstylist at Dash Studio, which is right off Main Street. She loves her work and the people she works alongside. If you're in need of a haircut or style, you can get in touch with Kelly @kellyvalenciahair or by visiting the Dash Studio website.

For more Alumni Spotlights, visit our Alumni, Where are They Now? page.

To nominate an alum, complete the CTE Alumni Spotlight Survey.

🐣 Egg to Chick Project 🐣

Through a partnership with Prairie View A&M University's 4H County Extension Program, Duncanville ISD students in elementary, intermediate and middle school engaged in the Egg to Chick Project.

Students gained hands-on experience in raising chick eggs. After hatching, the chicks were adopted by community members πŸ₯

More CTE News

🏫 The CTE/CCMR Department coordinated three Career Fairs at middle school campuses. The annual career fairs are led by current high school students and expose middle schoolers to the diverse CTE pathways available at DHS. This allows 8th graders to make informed decisions as they complete their 9th-grade course request sheets with counselors.

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Staff One Stop Shop

Visit the new Staff One Stop Shop web page to access course details for the 25 CTE programs of study offered at DHS. You'll also find the 2021-2022 Industry-based Certification Exam Prep guide and the A-F Accountability Certifications guide.