Week Ahead


What's in the Flyer??

ERC Information:
  • Student Worker Pictures
  • Meet our Student Workers
  • Socktober
  • Faculty/Staff Meeting
  • COE Cookout
  • Time Sheets
  • Upcoming ERC Closings

Other Information:

  • Upcoming Race opportunity


New Student Worker Pictures

If you are new, as most of you are, we need a picture of you to go on our website. I would like you to take a picture while you're in the ERC. You can reference the ERC website if you need ideas of what I mean. Those that have pictures already on the website but they are your Facebook picture, please ask your coworker to take a picture of you the next time you're working....THANKS!

Meet our Student Workers

I have enjoyed introducing several of you already to our college, however, I don't have information from all of you just yet. Please make sure you get this info sent to me. The Faculty and Staff of the COE have really enjoyed "getting to know you". Please email the following information to me so that the COE knows who it is taking care of and serving them each day!



Where you're from

Social Club

Favorite part of your Educational experience (from any part of your life)

Something interesting about you that you'd like them to know

Favorite scripture

Anything else you'd like to add : )


As I'm sure you've noticed, we are collecting socks for the Socktober drive. We are an official drop off location for the Mission Machine. Please share with your friends about this opportunity. You can get together with your friends and place an online order from eBay for a large amount or go to the store yourself and get a few pairs. Please consider helping the homeless in this small way (which is HUGE to them). Share this info with your clubs, classes, friends, etc. There's not a lot of time left in the month so let's help Mission Machine meet their goal!

Faculty/Staff Meeting

The COE will have a Faculty/Staff meeting at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, Tuesday, October 13. The ERC will be closed during the meeting but the workers who normally work will need to be present and can enjoy the breakfast that will be served during the meeting : ) The workers who close TONIGHT need to make sure and clear the counter under the big window for the food to go tomorrow. Just place all the items in the back on the library tables. Wipe the counter tops down with Clorox wipes and put construction paper down on the counter. The table cloths will also need to be placed on all the tables. If you have questions regarding this process please send a message, thanks!

COE Cookout

You all are invited to the College of Education annual cookout Tuesday, October 13, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. at the Original Rock House. Hope to see you all there! I'll be there with my kiddos : ) Please view the video below for more info!

Time Sheets

Please make sure you're doing the following before the end of the two week pay period. This makes turning the sheets in more efficient:

  • Sign your name
  • Write your full name at the top
  • Fill in your HU ID#
  • Fill in your HU Box
  • Fill in the week ending date (that's the Saturday at the end of the week)
  • Fill in all dates, times and total hours

Make sure that you're signing in and out on the TimeStation. If the hours don't match up then you won't get credit for what you write on the time sheet. Thanks for your cooperation!

Upcoming ERC Closings

The ERC will close the following dates:

Tuesday, October 13, 7:30 - 9:30 a.m. (student workers still report to work)

Other Information

Well Done Run 5K

Hosted by Fellowship Bible Church in Searcy, The Well Done Run aims to raise money for fresh water wells throughout the world! The recipient of the funds raised will be Living Water International. Fellowship Bible Church in Searcy has developed a relationship with this organization over the past few years which includes purchasing wells and sending teams to dig wells. All money raised from the run will go towards the cost of purchasing and installing a well in Burkina Faso, West Africa.

Check out the registration page HERE for more information on how you can help endure so they don't have to.