Life of the Militia

How does the militia feel about their job?

what is a Militia?

A militia is a type of army made up of no professional fighters.The militia is a military force that engages in terrorist activities.The fighters can be citizens of a nation, called to fight a situation.The militias are trained like soldiers.They are only called in an emergency.the military force is raised from the civil population to supplement a regular army in an emergency.

emotionally damaged

There are emotional effects of being part of the militia.many soldiers suffered

past traumatic stress disorder (ptsd) This is a diagnosis by doctor,for patients that have suffered major traumas. PTSD was discovered from the soldiers of the Vietnam War.

How does the family of the militia feel about their job?

The emotional effects of war on soldiers can be distressing and is unfair to families of veterans that continue to suffer.

Physically damaged

When the militia was fighting,they act like professional soldiers on the job. The Militia is in training. They get injured very often but still take their job very serious like professional soldiers would.The militia appreciates their job.

Interesting facts

-A militia is a group of private citizens who train for military duty.

-In the United States as early as 2000s, the national guard serves as the nations militia

-the American militia system has its roots in ancient English tradition

-militia groups faded quickly in the later half of 1990s

-by 1999 the total number of private militias in the US had shrunk to an estimated total of 68