By: Maddie

How do Earthquakes form?

Earthquakes start to form when outer layers start to stress. The stress causes a pushing effect against the sides of the fault. Rocks come together that causes energy witch creates waves through earths crust. The waves are the shake that we feel during an earthquake.

Earthquakes also form by the movement of the earth plates. When a plate squeezes or streches to much, huge rocks are formed at the edge, these rocks can move with a lot of forces, thats what causes the earthquake. Earthquakes form mainly in an area were there is fault lines. They also can occur anywhere else on earth when energy is released into the crust.

How to prepare for an Earthquake

you need.........

  • Food to last 72 hours
  • Water to last 72 hours,store your water in airtight containers
  • First aid kit , that includes bands aids, wipes, and a small tube of neosporin
  • To stay away from glass, it can shatter
  • A flashlight with extra batteries (Do Not Use Candles)
  • Keep a mini safe with special items like jewlery and money
  • Have a week supply of medication and pet food
  • To have extra blankets , cloths, shoes and pillows
  • A portable radio
  • Tool's

Largest earthquakes since 1900

  1. Chile,1960 may 22 (9.5)
  2. Great Alaska earthquake,1964 March 28 (9.2)
  3. West coast of Northern Sumatra,2004 Decmber 26 (9.1)
  4. East coast of Honshu japan,2011 March 11 (9.0)
  5. Kamchtka 1952 november 4 (9.0)

Great Alaska earthquake?

In March 28,1964 a big earthquake/tsunami hit in Prince William Sound region of Alaska. The area where there was significant damage covered about 130,000 square kilometers.Major struaural damage occured in many of the major cities in Alaska. The damage totalled 300-400 million dollers.