Water Spouts


How does a water spout form?

First, you will see a dark spot on the water. Next, the spot starts to spin around in a circle. After that, a spray ring starts to form. then the water spout is a visible funnel cloud destroying every thing in its path. Finally, the water spout decays and is gone.

When and where do water spouts ocur?

Water spouts need certain conditions for them to form. The tempter has to be for a water spout to occur is 80 to 90 degrees farinhite. Also, it has to be on a body of water. It has to have some humidity in the air for a water spout to happen.
Rare waterspout off Australia

How do you prepare for water spouts?

People underestimate the power of water spouts. They think that they are not dangerous but they can do damage. We need to be prepared for these disasters. Some ways these beasts can sneak up on us is because they form from the water up and you cant see them until there full spouts. For that reason you need to keep an eye out for stages of a forming water spout.

How do you know water spouts are coming?

You got to know if a water spout is forming and to do that you have to watch for signs. One big sign is to see if a tornado goes on water because then a water spout forms. You also should watch for the process of a water spout. Though if you see a spray ring a water spout comes next. Dun dun dun!!!!!
Waterspout at Batemans Bay