Political Ideology

By: Aimee Colla

Political Spectrum Positions

Far Left

People in this position are extremely liberal and want an extreme change in the government. Their views are outside of the mainstream.


Far Right

People in this position are extremely conservative and believe in limited government involvment. They want to go back to the good old days and their views are outside of the mainstream.

Standing on the political spectrum

On the Political spectrum, the test showed that I am mostly conservative. In general of political ideology, I am moderately conservative. On fiscal issues, I am conservative. On social issues, I am moderately conservative.
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The Political Compass

On the political compass, I scored -.38 on economic issues. Also, I scored more libertarian than authoritarian on social issues by taking the online test.
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My Political Ideology

As shown in the picture, I am 79% conservative according to the test. I believe in limited role of the government in social issues . I believe people have the right to choose their religion and have the right to be themselves and have their own opinions on social issues.