The Amazon Rainforest

Made By : Chloe Burke

The Amazon Rainforest Culture

Although alot of cultures have been torn apart there are over 1 million Indians in the Amazon Rainforest .

There are also over 400 tribes.


The Amazon Rainforest is hot and humid, it rains everyday. The Amazon Rainforest is 12 degrees North and South of the equator.

The Rainforest is a Tropical Climate.

Temperatures and Rainfalls.

The average temperature of the Amazon Rainforest is 93 degrees Fahrenheit.

It rains more than 100 inches per year in the Amazon.

The Different Plants In The Amazon

  • Brazil Nut Tree
  • Palm Tree
  • Vines
  • Lip Stick Tree
  • Water Lilies

What Kind Of Animals Are In The Amazon Rainforest?

The Amazon Rainforest has all different kinds of animals. Here are a few examples:

Herbivore- Tree Frog

Omnivore- Toucan

Decomposer- Earth Worms

Carnivore- Harpy Eagle

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The Amazon Food Chain ↑

There are Primary Consumers, Secondary Consumers, Tertiary Consumers and a Tertiary Consumer in the food chain.

The animals in the Orange box are Tertiary Consumer, The animals in the Red box are Tertiary Consumers, The animals in the Purple box are Secondary Consumers, The animals in the Blue box are Primary Consumers and In the Black box are the Decomposers.

All of these animals are in the Amazon Rainforest.