Federation Of Australia

By Billy

Life In The 1880's

Back in the 1880's life was very tough for the women and was very hard to cook food the source for cooking food was wood. The only technology we had was the washing machine and the washboard and if you didn't have these it would be very hard living.

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Reasons For Federation

The reason for federation is most white people spoke English, many people moved between colonies for work, other colonies could pose a threat. They wanted to have 1 railway across Australia instead of having to have a passport to go from Queensland to New South Wales. Each colony had it's own government and laws, railway, system, postage, stamps and taxes. This caused a lot of problems and people began to think about the benefits of uniting as one nation.

Key Figures and their role lead up to Federation

Henry Parkes

Henry Parkes Role was the father of federation Henry Parkes had the initial idea for federation. Henry Parkes was born on the 27th of may 1815 in the United Kingdom he sadly passed on the 27th of April 1896. He served five terms as premier of New South Wales between 1872 and 1891.

Sir Alfred Deakin

Sir Alfred Deakin was born August 3rd 1856 in Melbourne and passed October 7th 1919 in South Yarra Melbourne. Alfred Deakin was an Australian politician