Cool Things In The Midwest by Jared

here is information about cool things in the midwest

famous people in the midwest

Abraham Lincoln was a famous person because he helped stop slavery.Bill Hartwig is a member of the National wildlife refuge working to make the great lakes clean. Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet explored the Mississippi river 1673.

Flowing Rivers

when the glaciers melted years ago,they made rivers. The rivers carried the dirt from the north and moved it to the south. the dirt was filled with vitamins and minerals that plants need to grow. lots of the states in the Midwest now has a lot of fertile soil. Fertile soil lets people grow healthy soil.
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Land forms in the Midwest

Our Midwest is mostly flat lands. There are a few hills and mountains.When the glaciers moved down our region they made hills flat and filled valleys with soil. That made plains covered by grasses and wildflowers. plains covered by grasses are named prairies.

The Climate of the Midwest

Temperatures at The Midwest are wild. The land by the Great Lakes can experience what is called Lake affect. Since water takes time to heat and cool the land air over the water is often hotter/cooler than the air over the land.When the wind blows across the lakes they carry hot/cool air over the lands, affecting temperature in the Midwest.