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Director's Newsletter

February 9th, 2018

Benjamin Scoville, Director
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From the Director

Dear CDS Community,

This week nearly a third of our middle school students participated in the Korean Writing Competition. Our 8th graders enjoyed a field trip to the Incheon High School Science Museum, and several students from all grades participated in the February High Four Math competition. After school, our Table Tennis team and Boys and Girls' Volleyball teams trained diligently in preparation for the jamborees coming up at the end of the month at Seoul Foreign School. It has been a very active winter for CDS Middle School!

Spirits were high in the halls this week in anticipation of the Lunar New Year holiday. I hope all of you travel safely and have a restful time with family and friends during the break.

새해 복 많이 받으세요!

Parent Information Session - Introduction to Project Based Learning (PBL)

Thursday, Feb. 22nd, 3-4pm

CDS High School Conference Room

In this session, you will learn what Project Based Learning (PBL) is and how this approach to learning will help your children develop the skills they will need for success in the 21st century.

We encourage parents with children in ALL middle school grades to attend.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.
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8th Grade Field Trip - Incheon High School Science Museum

On Thursday the 8th grade class went on a field trip to the Incheon Science High School Museum. Students completed a scavenger hunt looking for exhibits and demonstrations related to what they have been learning in science class this year as well as exploring other displays of personal interest. It was nice to have a change of pace and an opportunity to take our learning out of the classroom! - Mr. Lyke
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High Four Math Competition

On Thursday afternoon the Mathletes participated in the February High Four team contest after school. Some of our students felt very confident about their performance so we will look forward to learning the results in a few days. Maybe CDS will earn international recognition again! - Mr. Lyke
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Korean Writing Competition

On February 5th, we held the Korean Writing Competition. The goal of this competition was to improve students’ ability to organize their experiences and thoughts, and express those using the Korean language. Participants recalled the most meaningful experience of their lives and expressed those in essays, poems, or cartoons with their reflections in Korean.

A total of 39 students participated in the competition and shared their Korean writing skills. More students than I had expected participated in the competition, and the quality of their writing was generally excellent. Because of the gaps between 5th & 6th and 7th & 8th graders, the assessment has been separated into two groups. I was very pleased while figuring out the winners, but it took a long time since there was so much outstanding work---by eighth-graders, especially. Meanwhile, I was a little sorry because I could not see many cartoons. Overall, it was a good opportunity to find students' interests, skills, and improvements in Korean. - Mr. Kim

Grade 5 & 6 - Essay

First Place

G5 Chaewon Kim

Second Place

G5 Jaeheon Lee

G6 Jisoo Choi

Third Place

G5 Russell Patrick Choi

Grade 5 & 6 - Poem

First Place

G6 Jiwoo Lee

Second Place

G5 Yu-Chien Chang

G6 Yerin Shin

Third Place

G6 Taejun Kwak

Grade 7 & 8 - Essay

First Place

G8 Hui-Min Lee

Second Place

G8 Minjin kim

G8 Jaewon Lee

Third Place

G8 Minjeong Seong

G8 Juri Shimada

G8 Yoon Hwang

G7 Minju Kim

Grade 7 & 8 - Poem

First Place

G8 Seoyeong Kim

Second Place

G7 Han Na Shin

Third Place

G8 Seunghyuk Kim

7A Collaboration & Communication - Long House

The 7th graders worked this week on collaboration and communication in Long House on Thursday. Using limited supplies, they had twenty five minutes to draft, construct, and test a paper airplane. Randomly placed into groups, students had to work with their classmates to accomplish a task--the task being who could make the most accurate airplane (they had to hit a bullseye) as well as who could construct the airplane that could fly the furthest. It was great fun and some of the 7th graders might have aviation in their future! --Aaron Menzel
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6th Grade Creates 6Cs Board Games

In Long House this week the 6th grade students are creating their own board games that incorporate one or more of the six C’s of Dalton (Critical Thinking, Community, Character, Curiosity, Collaboration, and Communication). In doing so, they themselves are growing in these virtues. It is so much fun to watch their unique creativity come alive! --Mrs. Hinds
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Upcoming Events

2/12 - 2/16 - Lunar New Year Break

2/19 - 2/23 - Spirit Week

2/22 - Parent Information Session: Intro to Project Based Learning (PBL)

2/24 - MS Volleyball & Table Tennis @ SFS

2/28 - End of Term 3