Do You Have Old or Slow Laptops

That are just collecting dust and going without use?

You can donate your laptops to those in need!

There are many less fortunate people then us in Hopkinton and Concord who could never afford a laptop. With your laptop donation we will allow those people to have something that they would otherwise not be able to have access to. Just imagine how your life would be without any computer or internet. Chances are you aren't even using that laptop that was put on a shelf in your basement to be forgotten. After being updated these laptops could be used to help schools, families, or start-up businesses.

Where will the money be going?

All proceeds of this fundraiser will go to the Interact Club's service trip to Nicaragua. The money will help with things like: buying materials to build houses and school rooms, buying books for libraries in Nicaragua, buying Ecostoves for several Nicaraguans who need them, soccer balls for the kids and many other things. Ask anyone who has been on this trip, it can be a life changing experience.

"Your donation could change a life."

Who will be collecting them and where do I put them?

This is a fundraiser put on by the Hopkinton Interact Club to help those in need. If you decide to help, please bring your laptop and any charging cords you have to the Hopkinton Middle High School library for safe keeping until they are taken to be worked on and upgraded. A donation of money inside an envelope taped onto the laptop would also be greatly appreciated. One of the first things we do is wipe all of the drives, so be sure you save any information you want.

If you are from outside of Hopkinton or Contoocook, or cannot get to the library just email us and we will work out how to get it there.

When can I drop my laptop off?

This fundraiser will be going on from the eighth of December to the twenty-third of December. You can drop off the laptop anytime the high school library is open: during school, after school, or before school.

It's simple and easy, all you need to do is get them to the library.

If you have any questions, or are interested in donating don't hesitate to contact me.

Also, visit the school's website for school hours and the best times for donations.
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