AVID Monthly Newsletter

November/December 2018


  • AVID Winter Family Potluck: December 11th at 6:30 pm
  • Final Exams CHANGE: December 19-21st (Wednesday-Friday)
  • Winter break: December 21st- January 7th
  • Semester 2 classes begin: January 8th

Letter from the Director

Dear AVID families,

I cannot believe we are already almost at the end of our first semester, and although it may hard for students to focus as winter break seems closer and closer, one of the most important parts of the year is still a few weeks away... FINAL EXAMS! It is very important students finish the semester strong, and they use their final exams as a way to raise or solidify their current grades, not let them drop because they are unprepared. In addition, most teachers have at least one more test and/or project due before finals that can help students be successful in their classes. Please encourage your students to prepare for their exams by helping them find a quiet place to study at home. Students are also encouraged to utilize the Math lab and Literacy center here at MHS, both are open before AND after school every day.

The AVID program had a lot of fun this semester, including our first ever Bulls night, organized by AVID National Center. We took over 75 AVID freshmen-seniors to the United Center on a Friday afternoon where they listened to a career panel and watched a Bulls game with students from AVID programs in high schools all over the Chicago land area. Even though we were not able to celebrate a Bulls victory that night, take a look at the pictures below to see the students, teachers, and parent chaperones having fun spending time together!

The AVID team wants to remind our families how important it is for students to attend class these last few weeks! We wish your family a happy and healthy holiday season. See you in 2019!

Melissa Schaefer

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COLLEGE ACCEPTANCES!!!** #bettermakeroom

Amparo Abrego- Parkside, UW Milwaukee, Dominican

Nina Belousov- Elmhurst

Diego Cisneros- Ohio State, Loyola, Michigan State

Luis Cruz- Northeastern, Lewis

Alonso Diaz- Northeastern Illinois, Elmhurst, Loyola

Jaime Gallegos- Michigan State

Karla Gaytan- Northern Illinois

Brian Hernandez- Western Illinois, UW Milwaukee

AnnMarie Hirst- Elmhurst, ISU, U of I Springfield, North Park

Moises Jimenez- Northeastern

Lexi Kasamis- Depaul, Illinois State University

Esther Kim-Illinois State

Sebastian Lara- Elmhurst

Daisy Lorenzo- ISU, Marian, Elmhurst

Stephanie Luna- Marquette, Bradley, Dominican

Jovana Martinez- Northeastern Illinois

Katie Miller- Dayton,

Daniel Nieto- Northern Illinois, Depaul

Paulina Olechno- Louisville, IUPUI, UW Oshkosh

Jesus Oropeza- Western Illinois, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Bradley

Maria Palacios- Illinois State, Roosevelt, University of Indianapolis

Ronit Patel- UIC

Maria Perez- Elmhurst

Leslye Rodriguez- North Central, IUPUI

Bryan Silva- ISU, UW Milwaukee, Northern Illinois Herzing

Nayeli Torres- Dominican, Northeastern Illinois

Janai Torres- Robert Morris, Marian

Clarissa Wienckowski -University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Carroll, Transylvania

Joey Zakariya- Northeastern, UIC, Bradley, Dominican, UW Milwaukee

** These are new acceptances since the October Newsletter!

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How Can I Help My Student Prepare for Finals?

  1. Watch this video: It is about study strategies from scientists who study learning at https://goo.gl/US8M1V

  2. Find a quiet place for them to concentrate: A stable environment for a particular activity can help put your student in the right mood and mind frame to complete the task at hand. The same applies for engaging in studying.

  3. Make them put away all technology or other distractions: students think they can “multi-task” but in reality their brain cannot concentrate on two things at one time.

  4. Practice ACTIVE study techniques: Many students default to just reading their notes or the textbook over and over, but this strategy is ineffective. Students should quiz themselves on the material. They can do this with note cards or answering the questions on their Cornell Notes. Many textbooks offer online quizzes students can use as well.

  5. Spread studying out over time and take scheduled breaks: cramming the night before will most likely lead to stress and failure on the test. Students should study a little everyday. In addition, students should set breaks between their studying to help them remained focused. A good strategy is to work for 20-25 minutes, take a 5 minute break, and then start the timer again. They will likely get more done with this schedule than trying to stay focused for 60 minutes with no break.

Interested in learning more? Please visit our youtube playlist of study strategies at https://youtu.be/RH95h36NChI

Meet an AVID Senior!!

Name: Daisy Lorenzo

College Acceptances: Elmhurst, Marian, Illinois State

Favorite AVID memory: The egg toss challenge in Junior AVID

Best advice for AVID students: Don’t slack and keep working hard it will be worth it in the end. Also keep up with the Cornell notes! Don’t let friends or boys distract you!