What if you have Autism?

If you have Autism then you often have impaired social interactions, persistent fixation on parts of an object, and a lack of interest in peer relationships.
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How do you get this disorder?

There isn't a known cause to Autism at the moment, but it is often thought that this disorder is caused by abnormalities in the brain structure/function.

How can a doctor help?

If a doctor has experience, or knowledge about Autism he/she can begin treatment as soon as possible. They are welcome to invite other experts such as educators, medical professionals, and psychologists to help the child with Autism.

How is Autism treated?

Although there is no cure for Autism right now, people who have this disorder can still be treated. Treatments can consist of non-medical interventions (behavioral/education approaches, sensory communication, etc.) and biomedical treatments (diet modifications and other additional vitamins and minerals).

Two Important Facts

1) Autism is usually detected at the age of infancy between 18-24 months.

2) About 1 in 68 people are born with Autism.