December in the Library

Happy Season's Readings!

We need to share holiday books! Please check out no more than 3 at a time and return as soon as you've read so that everyone can keep new stories available for read alouds.

Grades 3-5 Class Checkouts

Grades 3-5 full class checkouts will be the weeks of 11/30-12/4 and 12/14-12/18. Please also send them on passes ... for sure the "in between" weeks and then whenever new books are needed! It's not quite as easy as it used to be when Mr. Young is elsewhere and I'm teaching but it's still an effort that is worth it. Independent reading choices promote a love of reading. And when I'm not teaching it's much easier to talk to kids about interest a few at time instead of an entire class at once when I'm stuck behind the circ desk.

Dec. 3 Author Visit for Grades 3-4

It will be in the cafeteria (the library will have to be closed during that time so Laura and Melissa, we'll need to reschedule) and start at 2 (the library will be closed to kiddos on passes between 1:40 and the end of the day because the library staff will be busy with the author!). Best to have everything packed up before coming. The publisher sent this info.

Scott is a dynamic speaker, and his 40-minute assembly, geared toward second grade and above, is fun and interactive. The theme of the presentation is Change the World through Creativity. Scott talks about kids who made the world a better place with one small idea. He also teaches the students how to come up with an amazing story idea in less than five minutes using a hero, a goal, obstacles, and consequences of success and failure. Children become protagonists, and obstacles of their choice that have ranged from giant cheese monsters, to ballet-dancing dragons, to “Darth Mom.” Scott came up with this part of his presentations after hearing teachers talk about students who had no idea how to write a story. This gives even the most reluctant students the tools to sit down and create something they are excited about.

The image below is his newest book.

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Dec. 7-11 Hour of Code

You can participate in the computer lab, on classroom iPads, or IN THE LIBRARY! That does take some pre-scheduling, though. K-1 we'll take care of at least 20-30 minutes during your "regular" library time. Everyone else? If you'd like help? Talk to me! Go to for all the details. If you have kids that really take to it also talk to me. There is SO MUCH MORE to the site than just the Hour of Code ... more in depth but still age appropriate lessons.

The library will be closed on Friday between 12:30 and 2:10 due to a speaker for 5th grade. We'll be setting up between 12:30 and 12:45, then two classes will come to a presentation from 12:45-1:20 and then the other two classes between 1:25 and 2, then cleaning up.

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Skype Visit for Classes (or students) who Read this Book

This one will be IN the library on Monday, Dec. 7 at 10:30 AM. We will need to close to other classes at that time. If you are a teacher who read that one aloud, you're in!

If you know you have kids that read the book and that can be spared (I'm guessing about 30 minutes ... might be a little more or less, it's hard to tell with Skype!) please send me their names.

It is a requirement to have read/listened to his book before attending. If your students have questions prepared even better!

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Overdrive (Lessons for 3-5 or any Staff Member!)

If we've already done it ... thanks! Keep talking to your kids!

If we haven't ... I'd really like to do a reminder lesson with kids about how to check out ebooks and eaudiobooks. We practice on our iPads since mobile devices are how most of them will access the books. If they don't have their own device we do have 8 tablets that can be checked out (with a permission slip!).

Depending on age ... it can take anywhere from 20-45 minutes. A little time for them to browse for ebooks is best ... and to create a reading "Wish List." Especially if they ever want to check out one of our devices that is critical!

If it's you and a new (or old) e-reader ... let's get you using it with FREE books!


Remember that if it's related to curriculum with lesson plans (analyzing stories and characters, looking for ecosystem examples, etc.) then you are copyright covered under teaching and fair use (well, as long as the copy you are showing is legal!).

We have 6 CD/DVD drives for use with laptops.

If it's just for indoor recess or background of a party it needs to come from the following distributors: Disney, Touchstone, Hollywood, Columbia, Tri-Star, Paramount, MGM, MIramax, United Artists, Warner Bros, Sony, NBC Universal, Lionsgate, Summit, Picturehouse, and New Line Cinema.