The Story of Immigration

By,Conner, Argel and Kyler

When Immigrants Came to America And thier Resistence and Discrimination

Most Immigrants came to escape their unstable homelands because other people with different religions came and attacked them and chased them out of their homeland.More about discrimination the USA passed the Chinese Exclusion Act that didn't allow Chinese Immigrants to enter the USA

Immigrants That Came Too America

Immigrants came from Ireland, Norway, Sweden, China, Japan, India, Eastern and Southern Europe, Russia, and Central And Southern American 1815,1840,1880 came to America because they wanted a new life and religious freedom and jobs.

Angel Island fast Facts

What Immigrants Brought to America?

Immigrants brought food,Many languages,clothing, different religions,diseases,new ways of life, new cultures, new technology,instruments and dances to America

Why Immagrents came to America

They came to America because they wanted a new life away from their homeland and they wanted freedom to have their own religion.

This is the End by Argel, Conner And Kyler