Time Management And Use

By:Carmen Rosales & Francisco Mendez

Historical background

  • we see time and management and use happening in 1776
  • Edmund Cartwright was an important person because he invented the power loom which significanlty increased the efficianltly of textile production. he also developed a wool combing machine.
  • people should value my topic because they'll manage their time more and make time for them self.
  • establish incentires to work targets and paying workers for the tasks and goals met

Great Britain

  • Social - you get more time to yourself and spend time with your family
  • Economic - Make more money , time is money and time is the stuff of which life is made
  • Political - none
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World during Industrial Rev.

  • Social - almost all the things they did in there daily life was affected by machines
  • Economic - Everything they were doing was being produce much faster and making them more money
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Modern Day

  • It affects us in modern day today because now most of our products are made in factories and the technology in the factories are always evolving into better machines.
  • It relates to my topic because you manage your time more cause technology and machine improved now so you get things done faster.
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