Legislation and dementia care

Task 7


Legislation are laws which have be created by government. Legal frame works are the sources of law and functions of the court so people can understand the relationship between human rights legislation and also the care and treatment of adults.

The human rights ACT 1998

The human rights Act allows all individuals to have the right to life, freedom, right to fair trial, freedom of expression, right to liberty and security. These rights apply on your daily life and it is also your responsibility to respect other people rights. These human rights can be linked to the individuals with dementia because they may have certain rights which are not being met even if their doing most of the things themselves

Mental Capacity Act

The mental capacity Act was made to protect the people who are not able to make decisions for themselves. The reason why is because the individual may have mental illness or even brain injuries. The purpose of this legislation is to allow adults to make as many decisions as they can themselves. For example individuals with dementia can make their own decisions for their future e.g if they want to stay on treatment or not. This can be linked to dementia because the individual will not be able to make important decisions for themselves therefore they need someone to make the decision for him/her.


This legislation was designed to stop the contact between children and vulnerable adults who may have been harmed. The people who have harmed them will be on the barred list and will not be allowed to go into contact with the people they would have harmed. In these type of situations that's where the CRB ( criminal record check) comes in place when you about to start a new job of working with vulnerable people to ensure that they are safe to work with them and not putting danger towards the vulnerable individuals.

This relates and links to dementia because these individuals are vulnerable therefore they have to safeguarded. Which is why anyone working with young children, elderly and vulnerable individuals should have a CRB check before they start the job to ensure that they are safe to work with them and will not harm them.


This legislation brings together all the other legislations that are already put in place and they can be linked to discrimination and equality. This Act introduced some new provisions which said about any discrimination issues. It also brought many legislation that were linked to equality and discrimination for example race legislation Act and the Equal pay Act. This legislation can be linked to dementia because these people are unable to do things themselves and usually unable to work which means that even if their needs are different from other people they still should not be discriminated against. regardless.

Idah Nyamadzawo

Data Protection Act 1998

The data protection Act states that wherever yo are working and if you have access to some of the personal files of the workplace then it should be private and you should not share it with anyone else.

Personal date should also be accurate and up to date. The reason why this links to dementia is because if they have their personal information at any hospital or at a care home then the it should be kept at the workplace and should only be shared with some of the health professionals. This is also why the information should be a kept in a safe place.