Chloe + Isabel Fall 2015

"A Nordic Tale" launches September 1st at 10 pm

Imagine pristine landscapes, coastal towns + rich green pastures

"A Nordic Tale" launches September 1st! Of all the seasonal launches at Chloe + Isabel, Fall is my favorite. Maybe because Fall is my favorite time of year. There is nothing like Fall to wake up all your senses! The perfect temperatures, the intense colors, the earthy smells, the excitement of changing out your wardrobe and swapping out your cotton tees for nubby pullovers. It's quite simply, the best. And at Chloe + Isabel, that exuberance carries over! I already have the Fall 2015 look book, shot on location, and I can honestly say that I love each and every piece. I am particularly drawn the many semi-precious stone pieces--quartz, amethyst, tiger eye (LOVE for Fall!) and malachite. If you would like a Fall look book, let me know. They are, as usual, works of art.

Friends, I Need Your Help!

Thanks to you and your support, I was promoted to a management position in June and now lead a team of new Chloe + Isabel Merchandisers. It's a privilege to work with these women and guide them to success! BUT! I have put so much energy into my new leadership role, that my own business has taken a backseat. I still have personal goals and milestones I want to achieve and I can't do it without you. I love giving back to my amazing community of customers. Here is how you can help me AND get Free Jewelry in return! Below are super creative + fun ideas:

  1. Host a Fall 2015 Collection Pop-up! The kids are back in school, life is settling down, and your girlfriends are dying to get together! Here are some super fun + easy ideas:
  • "Falling for Fall" Girls Night In! I will bring a signature drink and have a beautifully decorated display table with the season's latest trends, colors + styles (imagine scattered leaves, pumpkins, burlap, candles and a table dripping with new Fall jewelry!) You put out some nibbles, and I will do the rest! This is that big, fun bash with the girls you've been craving!
  • Haute Halloween Who doesn't love a Halloween-themed party? We can make it a Halloween crafting party, a costume party or just have fun with Halloween decorations and refreshments. Inviting kids could be fun, or how about a couples' night?!
  • Brunch + Beauties Café au lait, pastries, and mimosas on a relaxed, late Sunday morning or afternoon. This is a chance to catch your breath and have some 'Me Time' during a busy weekend of yard work, kids' sports, and errands.
  • Park Play Date The bigs are in school. Grab the littles and head to the park to finally enjoy cooler weather. I will bring Juice boxes and snacks for the kiddies and Starbucks to go for the moms. I will feature week-day perfect styles that can also be dressed up for a weekend date night. This is a quick 1-hour pop-up with your favorite mom friends that you don't get to see often enough. (Also great when the bigs are tracked out + BORED!)
  • Look books at your favorite place Grab 3-5 besties and let's meet for coffee, cocktails, lunch or dinner. You pick your favorite gathering place, I will bring look books and a few Fall-perfect styles. This is very low-key and NO WORK for you! You get to sit and be waited on, your friends get pampered with personal styling, and someone else does the dishes!
  • Mother-Daughter Party Your little girl isn't so little anymore. She's growing up, spends a lot of time with her friends, and it's getting harder and harder to get quality time with her. Don't compete with her besties--invite them over along with their stylish mamas! We can serve tea and cake or sodas and dogs, whatever she and her friends are into. This is a fun Saturday afternoon of shopping--and so much better spent than at the mall! (Hey, isn't it almost high school Homecoming season?)
  • Partner with me on a Fundraiser I aim to do at least one Fundraiser per month. Being a Merchandiser with Chloe + Isabel allows me to donate money in a way that would not be financially possible for me otherwise. If you have a cause that's near and dear to you, or if you simply want to raise funds for a local children's charity, what better way than to invite your friends + family to shop for a good cause? They refresh their jewelry boxes or shop for gifts, you get free jewelry credit, and 20% of the sales goes to charity. I have donated hundreds of dollars and I am always looking for fundraising partners. This can be in-person or online. (Perfect if you are not local to me.)
  • Host an online event The Ultimate in No Fuss No Muss hosting! You and your friends join me on Facebook from the comfort of your own home, in your favorite pjs, with your laptop or mobile device and your favorite evening beverage. I will keep the "power hour" going by raffling off coupons and free jewelry, maybe a silly game or two for a prize, and posting lots and lots of photos and videos to showcase this Fall's jewelry fashion. It's still a party--just virtual! We can even do a fun Google Hangout or Skype session so you and friends can see each other and interact on camera. (Perfect if you are not local to me)
  • Pop-up in a Box This works along the lines of a "catalog party." I will stock a pretty box with look books, wish lists, order forms, and a few pieces of jewelry. You can have friends over for a super relaxed time just ordering from the look books, you can take this box to work, you can take your pop-up in a box to your book club, supper club, church group, soccer field sidelines--anywhere! I can even ship it to you if you are not local to me.
  • Your Wish is My ComMANd Party This is truly one of my favorite ideas! You and your girlfriends fill out your wishlists, either on paper or in my online boutique. The men in your life then meet up at a bar to watch the game, order from your wishlist, feel like giant heroes, then get on with their man night while I get the heck outta there! Why is this so awesome? Because you get exactly what you want, they can't screw it up, and they have their beer fest and feel like Husband of the Year. (PS--I find them to be extra generous in front of other guys. It's that whole "Who has the longest wish list" thing. You know how guys are!)

***Which one of those fun ideas grabs you?!***

2. Refer me to your friends + family! Did you know I have a Referral Program? I do! And it's generous :) Every new referral who purchases from my boutique earns you $25 in credit. Every new referral who hosts a pop-up earns you $50 in credit! I need help expanding my network. Who knows the ideal Chloe + Isabel customer better than you?

3. Business Partnership Do you own a business? I am looking for bridal boutiques, doctor's offices, hair and nail salons, wine shops, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, etc where I can pop up for a few hours a month. I bring the business owner publicity and my network, and the business owner gets reward credit which he or she can keep, spend on the employees, give away to VIP customers, or we can always do a Mystery Hostess raffle giveaway.

Think about it this way: You have already supported me by shopping my boutique. By partnering with me in one of the above ways, you get something in return. I love giving away free jewelry to my clients! Shouldn't it be you? Thank you, as always, for your continued support. Xo, Paula

Hostess Rewards

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Paula Lainé, Merchandise Manager, Chloe + Isabel

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