Frequently Asked Questions

2020-2021 School Year

Questions About Virtual Learning

What does my child's day look like?

Each student will log into FOUR classes per day, five days a week, through our new platform called Canvas. We will have a zero period every morning starting at 9 and then they will either do periods 1-3 that day or 4-6. It rotates every other day. (See daily bell schedule in EGMS weekly newsletter)

Students will log in and a do a live, in-person, check-in with their teacher. They may or may not stay on to do their work. It will depend on what the teacher has planned for them that day.

If a student misses the live instruction, they are able to log in later to view the recorded lessons and do the work.

Do parents/kids have access to teachers everyday from 7:00-3:00pm?

Great Question! Teachers will still have prep time during their work day to answer emails from students and parents. Students also have access to their teachers during their 60 minute class period and the 30 minute personalized learning time that will follow class time.

Questions About When We Return

How are we dividing kids up for hybrid learning?

Kids will be divided by their last names. Students A-K will come one day; students L-Z will come the other. Students who live in the same household but have different last names will all come the same day. We will not breakhouse holds up into different days.

Will the schedule be different when we come back to hybrid learning?

Yes-- when we return, a school day will be 7:30am to 1:15pm. Students will continue to do their morning AVID zero period and then proceed to do all 6 class periods.

We are discussing ways to transition students. Stay tuned.

Questions About Computers and Hotspots

How do I get a computer/wifi hotspot?

Please contact our Dean of Students, Troy Capps.

Questions About Attendance

What if my student is absent?

Student absences happen. We will mark attendance in several ways- live 2-way check ins, attendance assignments and emails from parents communicating what's going on. All assignments and videos will be on canvas if a student cannot make the live meet-up. We understand that flexibility is going to be huge for some families who cannot make our bell schedule.

Questions About Electives

Can my student change electives this year?

Unfortunately, no. There is little flexibility in our schedule this year because we have had to build it ready to come back to hybrid learning. When students come back, they will be in small cohorts and will have limitations on how many kids they can contact during the day. That limits us on where we can place them.

Questions About Grading

Is there a school-wide policy on missing/late assignments this year?


While we always encourage kids to get things in on time (it lightens the load and the stress) we understand life does happen. Students will have until two weeks before the end of a trimester to get work completed without penalty.

General Questions

I have to work during the day. How do I ensure my student is on at designated times?

We suggest posting class times/schedules somewhere visible to your student. You can also set alarms on cell phones to remind them when to log in to classes. There are many creative ways to remind students when to log in. For the most part, students get their class schedules down at school pretty quickly, so we imagine there won't be too much trouble doing the same at home.

If a student doesn't log in during the day, they can still log in later and watch pre-recorded videos and do the work. That is perfectly fine, as long as it's still the same day so they can be counted for attendance.

Do I need to get school supplies?

Please get what you think you'll need for distance learning. Some kids do well with scratch paper and pencils to document their thinking before putting it into an assignment. Most of the traditional school supplies will not be needed until we return to a hybrid schedule. We will send more information when we know when that will be.

How are we doing conferences this year?

Please stay tuned for more information on this topic.

What is happening with Sports?

All fall sports have been postpone.

"What supports are there for my student who is having difficulty with distance learning?"

Just like in a regular educational setting, we recommend you communicate with your student's teacher. Please let them know what specific things your student is struggling with and our teachers will help support you or get you to the staff who can help.