Forsyth High School

Principal's Report - September, 2022

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Current Enrollments as of September 12th

  • Freshmen - 110 total students - 94.53% attendance rate

  • Sophomores - 99 total students - 96.11% attendance rate

  • Juniors - 107 total students - 93.93% attendance rate

  • Seniors - 93 total students - 93.57% attendance rate

  • Total Students - 409 total students - 94.54% attendance rate

Upcoming Events

  • Sept. 21 Progress Report #1
  • Sept. 27-30 Homecoming Spirit Week "Homecoming in Hollywood"

    Tuesday- "The Breakfast Club" Pajama Day

    Wednesday- "The Parent Trap" Twin Day

    Thursday- "Avengers" Superhero Day

    Friday- "Friday Night Lights" Class Colors

  • Sept. 29 Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally (6pm)
  • Sept. 30 FB Diamond(H) & Homecoming Dance
  • Oct. 4 Jostens Senior Meeting
  • Oct. 11 Jostens Senior Ordering Date
  • Oct. 13 FCCLA Faculty Breakfast
  • Oct. 19 Progress Report #2

Lady Panther Tennis Tournament

On September 10th, Forsyth defeated Reeds Spring 5-1 and Clever 5-1. Forsyth lost to Willow Springs 5-1 taking second place in the Forsyth Lady Panther Invitational Tennis Tournament.
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Lady Panther Volleyball Tournament

On September 10th Forsyth hosted the Forsyth Invitational Volleyball Tournament. Forsyth played well all day winning the championship vs. Clever in the final matchup.
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Forsyth Cross Country Update

A job well done at the Fair Grove Cross Country Meet held September 8th. Ben Boyer finished in the top spot from Forsyth; coming in at 20th out of 70 runners.
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FAll Athletic Schedules & Updates

Notes from the School Nurses

Office hours are 7:30-3:30

Office phone number is 417-546-2735

*Medications (prescription and over-the-counter) cannot be transported on the school bus. A parent or legal guardian must bring the medication to the nurse and sign our form. Medications like Tylenol or Ibuprofen can be left for use throughout one school year. Medication cannot be expired, and it must be in the original container (no zip lock baggies). We dispense medication according to the manufacturer’s label unless you have an order from your doctor stating otherwise.

Please keep your child home if he/she is not feeling well. If found to have a temperature above 100 degrees, and/or illness causing vomiting or diarrhea the student will promptly be sent home. All other illnesses and injuries will be sent to the nurse’s office for evaluation.

Students may be allowed back at school with one of the following: symptom free for 24 hours or a doctor’s note to return to school. Fever must be less than 100 degrees (without the use of fever reducing medication) for at least 24 hours before returning to school.

*Please make sure to keep your current phone number updated in the office. It is important that we are able to reach someone if your child becomes ill or injured while at school.

*We do our best to call parents when appropriate for injuries/illness that occur at school. We do not call for injuries or illnesses that are minor or that resolve while at school.

*Students sent home with head lice cannot ride the bus to school the next day. They will need to be checked by the nurse before returning to class.

JROTC attends Honor Flight

On August 23rd, Forsyth JROTC Seniors and Juniors had an awesome first day of school. They went to dinner in Springfield and then welcomed home 81 veterans at the Springfield Regional Airport. It was a long late night, but if you ask the kids it was an amazing experience.

FHS REAL Program dives into Coffee

Forsyth Teacher, Mark Woody, announced that Cedar Creek Coffee has been added this year to the students in the REAL program. Students will be weighing, bagging, and labeling the coffee for the business.

Other area businesses the students will be working include Save-A-Lot, Taney County Surplus Store, and general housekeeping at First Baptist Church in Forsyth

Kenzie Calhoun earns National Honors

Congratulations to our own Kenzie Calhoun, who is one of 62,000 students from across the country to earn academic honors from the College Board’s National Recognition Programs! These National Recognition Programs grant underrepresented students with academic honors that can be included on college and scholarship applications and connect students with universities across the country, helping them stand out during the admissions process. Colleges and scholarship programs use these honors to identify students from underrepresented groups through College Board’s Student Search Service.

Kenzie earned this recognition by excelling on their PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, or AP Exams and in their classrooms. Students who may be eligible have a GPA of 3.5 or higher and have excelled on the PSAT/NMSQT or PSAT 10, or earned a score of 3 or higher on two or more AP Exams; and are African American or Black, Hispanic American or Latinx, Indigenous, and/or attend school in a rural area or small town. Eligible students are invited to apply during their sophomore or junior year, and are awarded at the beginning of the next school year.

A Double-Stuffed Science Class

Mrs. Johnson's biology class reviewed and practiced the scientific method by testing the claims of Nabisco's Double Stuff Oreos . After notes over the basics of science methodology, students were provided Oreos and scales and then expected to design and conduct their own experiment to reliably answer the question "Do Double Stuff Oreos really contain double the "stuff"?" Some information the students first found surprising while researching for background information was that the double stuff Oreos, while larger with even more than double the filling, have less carbohydrates, less sugar, less calories and less sodium than their original counterpart. Then they were made aware that the serving size of 2 compared to 3 cookies makes a pretty big difference. This really emphasized the importance of reading for detail and removing all preconceived notions when analyzing information.

Alive or Not Alive---------That is the Question

In order to study Biology, students have to first be able to explain what life is. They hypothesized an answer in list format and then put their requirements to the test! Shown here are Biology 1 students making observations of a variety of living, dead, and non-living specimens to see how accurate their list of the characteristics of life really was. Every year students want to put moving on their list but realize very quickly that it isn't a reliable characteristic of life - both flames and boiling noodles move also, whereas plants - not so much.
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