The Grand Canyon!

By: Zoe

Activities/Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is simply amazing! They have awesome deep, rocky views. They also have many activities like fishing in the Colorado river that runs through the bottom of the Grand Canyon. You can also take mule rides, you can go hiking on there trails or in there caves, and you can golfing at one of the Grand Canyons national parks. You will love the Grand Canyon.

Activity Details

One of the activities is Fishing. The waters are Crystal clear blue and they have many beautiful fish that are native to the canyon.Also when your fishing one of the spots you can go to is the Colorado River that runs through the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Another activity is hiking. There trails are beautiful with rocky sites that will never leave your mind. Hiking can also be very relaxing and is a good activity for you and your family to bond. Also there are mule rides, mule rides can take you on an adventure that that would make you never want to leave, and there a fun transportaion if you need to go somewhere or if you just would like t look at the amazing views the grand canyon has to offer.