Local Girl is Hollywood Bound!

Ashlyn Sins qualifies to compete for national title!

A Dream and an Opportunity

My name is Ashlyn Sins and I am currently a 4th grade student. I love to sing, dance, act and volunteer among many other things. I am a volunteer at the Tangi Food Pantry and I also organize food drives.

Earlier this year I received a referral to compete in my very first pageant. I spent time learning what I needed to know to compete in the National American Miss Louisiana pageant and practiced every chance I got. All of my hard work paid off! I won Queen 4th runner up and 1st place in talent for dance! These titles qualify me to compete for the title of National All-American Miss held in Hollywood, CA in November 2014.

A Message from Ashlyn

Will you be my sponsor?

I am asking for sponsorships for pageant participation fees from businesses, family and friends so that I can compete in California. These fees are only for pageant participation and do not include my travel, meals or pageant wear.

Your sponsorship will allow me to compete in different events, including the title for National All-American Miss, as well as participating in activities that are designed to grow confidence in young girls. I will also compete to win in National Talent since I currently hold the state title. I am excited to also compete for a college scholarship!

It is my hope and prayer that you will consider sponsoring me so that I can list as many businesses, friends and family members in the national program book as possible and to show how many people support my journey.

Every dollar counts!

You can make a donation of any amount as an individual sponsor or as a business sponsor. For individual sponsorships, these funds can be made payable to Ashlyn Sins or NAM. For tax deductible business sponsorships, these funds can be made payable to National American Miss or NAM and a receipt will be provided for your business.

In addition to sponsoring my fees to participate in the pageant, both individual and business sponsors can also purchase "good luck" ads or ads to promote their business supporting Ashlyn. These are also tax deductible for businesses. These ads are $60 per business card size and can be combined to create any size up to a full page which is equal to 10 business cards or $600.

Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am grateful for any way that you can help me, especially with your love and support.

Please contact me at the information provided below to be my sponsor today!