The Road to Perseverance

By Paige Adamski


To be someone who succeeds in life, you must have one little character trait- perseverance. Perseverance means to continue pushing through adversities no matter the struggle. We can learn about perseverance through others who have faced many life struggles and how they kept moving even though life might have seemed like there was no end.

Winston Churchill- Description

Winston Churchill is an important historical figure. He was born in Marlborough, England in the year 1874. His childhood was one of Churchill's many adversities. As his parents were never around, he was practically raised by his nanny, Elizabeth Everest. She was important in the role of his childhood and helped him with his many illnesses. When Churchill was 8, he was sent off to boarding school where he began to mature into a wise young man. Throughout his life he has shown great bravery, strength and determination. For example, his bravery was shown when Nazi, Germany attacked France, and he didn't let anyone see how scared and afraid he was, but rather that he was confident and fearless. However, his greatest accomplishment was being Prime Minister of Great Britain during World War 2. During this time, he sent troops out to fight Nazi, Germany, and joined forces with the allies. He gave many inspirational speeches to get others throughout the war. Winston Churchill once said "You cannot tell appearances from how things will happen." This quote means that you should never judge a book by their cover, because people’s looks may not always define their actions. All in all, Winston Churchill was a noble man who played an important role in history, and he will inspire you to make a change .
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Winston Churchill in his office

Losing To Win- Problem/Solution

In the short video, Losing to Win, the main idea that they try to get across is that winning is not always everything. The girls in the video attend a school called Carroll Academy. This school isn’t just your everyday, average school. You were either court ordered here or sentenced to go. They could be court ordered to be on a sports team as a type of therapy. The students don’t have normal lives outside of the school either. Each girl on the basketball team has either faced neglect at home, have abused drugs, have run away, have bipolar disorder, parents are alcoholics, have been abused, or their parents are divorced. All these girls have the same thing in common, it’s hard for them to trust. One of the main problems that these girls face is that they have been on a 218 game losing streak. They have struggled to win game after game and always end up on the bottom. The scores are brutal with outcomes close to 103-12 or 52-5. With each loose, the self confidence of the girls drop. They already don’t have high self confidence, but add on losing to all these different schools, it helps to creates a negative attitude and a negative self esteem. They already have a hard time trusting others, basketball just seems to add to that pain. A solution to these issues is that the girls are to stay on the basketball team. Being on the team has created a family that they originally didn’t have. They didn’t have a place to go until they became part of the team. The girls can finally get away from most of their troubles and just be free on the court. They learned to talk to each other freely and have more trust in individuals than they had when they first arrived. A time to remember for them, is when they finally scored 30 points. Even though they still lost, they communicated with each other to make the opposing team actually work. The score was closer than the ones from the very beginning of the season with an outcome of 53-32. Even though they lost, they still triumphed. Everyone can take from this video that you have to persevere through the hardships. All in all these girls have faced many adversities to reach a different but greater version of success.

The Noble Experiment- Sequence

In the year 1910, a baseball coach with the name of Branch Rickey, was traveling with his small-league baseball team. Most of his team consisted of whites, except for one black player, named Charley. When traveling with his team, Charley was rarely allowed to stay overnight at hotels. Branch Rickey, always furious, got tired of people discriminating against him, and insisted he stay in the hotel. He offered that Charley slept on a cot on his hotel room floor. The hotel agreed, and Charley was able to stay the night. Then, in the middle of the night, Rickey awoke to Charley’s crying. Charley was trying to tear off his skin, wishing he was white. This memory seemed to have a lasting impression on Rickey, because years later, Rickey decided to start a project, called The Noble Experiment. He wanted to prove to the world that blacks could play in the major leagues and be fine. He started looking around the globe for players who had the capability to take in all the taunting, pressure and violence he would experience. After lots of looking, Rickey finally found a man he believed fulfilled the many needs he was looking for in a athlete- Jackie Robinson. Rickey talked to Robinson, first as a candidate for playing in a black league, then after Rickey was positive he’d found his man, he spoke the Robinson about his real intentions; allowing him to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Robinson was confused, excited, and scared, but willing to take on the challenge. Robinson and Rickey soon after, spent long amounts of time brainstorming the forthcoming events. Finally, in 1947, Robinson stepped onto the field as the first Black player to play in an all white league. That one step lead to people all around the nation to become inspired to make a change and revolutionize life as they knew it forever.

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Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey meeting about the Noble Experiment

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Dartanyon (Far right) and Leroy (Far left) with their good friend Lisa

Eleanor Roosevelt

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We can learn so much from the perseverance of others to overcome adversities. We can learn that we have to be confident within ourselves and others. Trusting others and looking at the future will also help. Hopefully, you have learned much about the road to perseverance.